Give this game a new life in Steam Workshop
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Author:  Jkr [ Sat 15 Jul, 2017 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Give this game a new life in Steam Workshop

Why aren't official and fanmade mods in the workshop already?


Author:  Palandus [ Sun 06 Aug, 2017 4:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Give this game a new life in Steam Workshop

Possible reasons are:

1) Blorfy/Richard haven't touched SPAZ 1 for at least 3 years now and unlikely ever will.
2) Most modders have abandoned SPAZ 1 as the developers abandoned it.
3) Most modders might return to SPAZ 1, if the mod toolkit was enhanced, but I asked about that back in Feb 2017, and they said they had no plans to touch the toolkit for at least 1-2 years, if not longer.
4) You need modder permission to upload mods and most modders prefer to curate their own mods, so even if workshop was added, they may not bother uploading their mods.
5) Very few people have access to the mod toolkit anymore. I believe the mod developer of Big Beef has a link, but if you didn't know to check his signature, you'd never acquire it.
6) Torque Engine had a variety of crippling issues for modders, and as the version of Torque used has been deprecated, support for those issues are unlikely.
7) If the Source was released for SPAZ 1, then modders could likely do a lot of really interesting things. However, releasing the source is even less likely to occur, than the devs working on the toolkit.

Hope that explains the sheer hopelessness and misery in as clear a fashion and to dash all glimmers of hope for it to change anytime in the future. Honestly, I think its more likely that USA will get into a nuclear war with Russia or China, than Blorfy/Richard will ever work on the modding toolkit or release the source code. Sorry to be depressing but, I remember these forums back in the days when they were lively, and people were pumping out mods, and the community was friendly and supportive, and ever since SPAZ 2 came out, it has turned into a ghost town, that even I am unwilling to return to... only reason I did was to see if anything happened to SPAZ 1 or the toolkit in the past 6 months... and well it hasn't.


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