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 Post subject: More features, banditry, mixed with some ideas
PostPosted: Sun 29 Jan, 2017 9:40 pm 

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More Features, Banditry and misc;
Well, hello there spacers! this game is god damn special and I'm having tons of fun with it however I'd like to point out a few improvements, maybe throw in a few ideas.

Player ship coloring, yeah, I'm sure this was asked before, however this is REALLY putting me down, how come AI joins a faction they get their cool neon thingies and I get none? same thing goes for the Flag, it does not change if you (players) join factions, the same goes for the Faction name, yeah, sure.. The Clockwork Crew has a nice ding to it, but I'd like to customize "my faction", maybe change their neon, flags and symbolia, rename it to something like... Hmm.. Lobotomite Army, the rez republic, The Neural Network, Space Rez Bank, Spacing Guild, Interplatenary Tea Party, The Disorder, yeah the list goes. I really enjoyed the idea of faction building, but the whole thing is kinda... Basic.

Relations need update, they look like numbers rather than personality traits, 10 relations and -10 will make them chase you or raid your resources, -40 will make them raid your cargo ships, -100 bounties. Whats their main reason? some peope just get angry at random because the game made them, not player action

Also, as much as I like Elsa, wouldnt it be better if there was a way to change profile pictures? maybe include more faces, I LOVE roleplaying and to fit my profile, I named the mothership "The Remnant", seems to fit well with the clockwork crew. I'd have the ship AI as profile if that was possible

Now, for a feature, I'm aware we're pirates, and we're kinda supposed to be scumy and raid, plunder, kill and maim the universe orb we're locked in. But frankly, roleplaying as "evil", isn't nearly as fun as being a bandit. They are awesome, I know there is a feature there just waiting to be implemented.

Becoming a Bandit Baron :evil:
Same as bandit chiefs and enforcers, instead of getting captains, you get these guys, you take over one of their lairs, and the bandits in the area will be in your control, wingmen, coming to your help, raiding your neighbors including rival bandits, bandits are brainless, brain dead, I know does not mean you can't find a way to control them, becoming a baron, could be a step up to the chain of brutality, eventually leading to a bid for the title of "Bandit King of the Universe", having to fight against the current royalty, allowing you to corrupt Captains and take Bases and Capitals. By the time players do this, it will be already late and game and almost time to reroll back and start over, but the whole feature adds a new path in the game to be explored, imagine it.

Maybe the whole bandit faction, instead of being a minor nuisance, at later stages they can mount up and become a full faction, corrupting captains like the zeds, taking over bases, but never trading with anyone inside a faction only neutrals.

Thank you for reading and please forgive my english.

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