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 Post subject: Small Feedback
PostPosted: Tue 04 Oct, 2016 12:55 am 

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First off, my elbow on my dominant arm is hurting from unconsciously pressing it down on my chair armrest to the extreme while trying to destroy the enemies! Spending way too much time on SPAZ2 and loving it. ( 63 hours in 5 days according to Steam )

Most everything is awesome, but of course I think a couple could be a lot better:

1. How can crappy AI pilot with half the threat I have go in and destroy my 80 Starbase while I can barely take theirs? Something is running a muck here.
I really got aggravated at trying to take out the enemy bases when almost every time one of their faction would immediately wipe out my fully developed base while I struggled to take out one.
And I do know how to play well enough, I easily defeat same threat Bandit Chief & Enforcer at same time. So in the end it seems like I'm being cheated by the AI. Are they using realtime combat just like me or is it a 'simulated' battle?

2. The mining for Rez is a complete waste of time for a standard run. If you steal the boxes it makes it nearly worth the time but it also adds a lot as the enemy takes time to disperse.
I think instead of getting 1 rez per broke up rock piece it should be 5 always. Even then you wouldn't use this aspect of the game except very early on if at all.

3. The way no one actually dies rather bugs me. Really.
An option to enable seeing the pods and blasting them for finality ( resulting in loss of faction with most pilots or something? ) would be great.
Or say a 33% chance the pilot of an exploding ship is banished for the rest of the game. ( a new level 1 pilot could be spawned? )
If nothing else, have losing your ship cause a loss of level(s) based on how close the odds were ( less loss if you were overpowered ) for all pilots.
It is another reason why point 1 above is here, as the pilots seem to be able to afford buying all new cores and fully fix up weapons etc and come right back out. They can't all be that rich as many times as I 'buried' them already.

4. Lastly I would like to point out 2 things I think need small tweaks:
A. The synergy system is still quite lacking, you can not build as powerful a ship placing cores together as you can an L shaped ship.
B. We should be able to pick up some small amount of parts blown off enemy ships during the encounter ( put in a cargo hold of some sort? Even if just a few pieces fit, or you make an attachment that has 'cargo hold' attribute? )
Or what reason is it to end the fight and then see nothing available to loot when you seen the stuff floating in space?

That is all, and now it is elbow killing time!
( will probably end up buying this for my son and a few friends for Christmas ;P )

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