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Author:  Weenie [ Thu 06 Feb, 2014 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

I thought it'd be much easier on our two favourite game devs if we had a dedicated thread for all the questions that keep getting asked, so that people can at least check this before posting more.

If the answer to a question is text-based I will use a quote box; if it's from a different source (eg. podcast) I will use my own words. Feel free to correct me if what I say doesn't reflect the source accurately.

If any more questions come up and I haven't added them, feel free to get a mod to edit this post or anything.


Richard wrote:
We're not saying anything for sure about release dates, but we hope people can play some form of early access before the end of 2014 ... we're also terrible with our dates :(

Additionally, in the podcast with Qt3 it is mentioned they did not pursue a Kickstarter campaign because they feel they should have 'done the work' before they get paid.
Richard also mentioned this in regards to Kickstarter:
Richard wrote:
We work very VERY iteratively. Ship ramming wasn't planned. We just put that in 2 months ago. It totally changed the game, and we made a lot of adjustments due to this new feature. We didn't know what this game was going to look like on day one. If we make something that sucks, we turf it. If sometime is more awesome than we expected it to be, we bring more focus to it.

Kickstarter kind of demands you come up with a solid plan for the game ahead of time, and that you deliver on that plan. It makes it hard to iterate on things when people have already paid for A and you want to do B. Iteration is the big reason we didn't show the game for 16 months. We were playing with all kinds of weird features, and a lot were rejected over time. We like to try stuff, and we want to stay flexible during development.

Will there be alpha/beta or early access?
As mentioned above, we can hope to have some kind of early game available towards the end of 2014. In the podcast they mention that the first item on their release list will be a demo of the multiplayer demo for people to blow each other up.
Richard wrote:
Though it's a ways off, if we do a multiplayer demo, it would likely include NPC bots, which we will fully support :) ...

There is a Steam page for SPAZ2, listing the release date as the 4th quarter of 2014.

Is the game played in 2D or 3D?
Richard wrote:
You move in 2D, but you can shoot in full 3D. It comes into play a lot when you're banking your large ships and the inner components are exposed. Many ship parts have verticality you can exploit to cover some of your weaker components. Another factor is each weapon requires line of sight to fire. If you bank your ship hard enough, the turrets on the opposite side can fire across the top of the ship, but again, exposing your inner cores to incoming fire.

We look at the 2D flight a lot like classic naval ships moving on the ocean. The are pirates after all ;)

How will ships/fleets work?
Richard wrote:
[The mothership] is you. It's your pirate ship. It's your Battlestar. But we will have several other "single object" ships in your fleet you can control or delegate control to. In multiplayer we'll have modes where you team up with other players (motherships). In single player, you'll be able to ally yourself with other free roaming agents, each with their own unique mothership. You don't have direct control over them, but they are part of your faction, and may be present during combat.

Between your single mothership, and the other single ships you have under your control, you may have significantly more than the 4 ship limit from SPAZ 1, depending on your build.

Richard wrote:
There will be 200 mother-ships in the game to start. You are one of them. You will be able to form a unique relationship with each, and form groups (dynamic factions). Each mother-ship can have several smaller classed ships under it's command during combat. I hope that answers your question.

What's this crazy thing with attaching/detaching parts? Can't I just build and customise ships with an interface like in SPAZ1?
Richard wrote:
At the moment, the game focuses on ship parts. Ship parts have various weapons and stats assigned to them procedurally. Outer parts tend to have 1 - 3 weapons on them, while the inner segments have more passive features (shield power, reactor power, etc). We've talked a bit about having maybe "some" sort of part crafting mechanic, but at the moment, we don't let you pull the weapons themselves on and off. The whole game now, even the story hangs of finding ship parts. We wanted to make that as fulfilling as possible, without adding more UI screens or having to manipulate microscopic objects with the tractor beam.

spaz2.com wrote:
Randomly generated modular parts. Build the mothership that suits your play style, on the fly, in seconds. Every part has its own unique stats that contribute to the mothership. Every part has its own hull integrity and damage states. Every part is a real, working, ship component.

Strategic ship building. The mass, location and shape of parts all matter. If a part blocks a turret, it will not fire. If a ship is too long, it will turn slowly. Too many engines will mean too little power for weapons. Every design choice counts.

Are all the weapon types from SPAZ1 going to return?
Richard wrote:
We'd like to bring back most of the old weapons, and a bunch of new ones. Everyone saw the new mass bomb in the trailer :)

What's with the story? Where are the UTA, CIVs and Bounty Hunters?
Richard wrote:
I'd say at this point the story is at least +5 years from the first.

Richard wrote:
The idea now is, everyone is disbanded, and instead of factions, we have free roaming agents. 200 of them! It's the wild west out there now. Story wise, the game is still very connected to the first game, so the UTA is surely to make some sort of appearance :)

Will there be support for modding like in the first game?
Richard wrote:
Our primary focus right now is to make a fun game, rather than making a mod tool. Modding support is a bit of a project to itself, especially with how Unity has no separation between code and script. I would imagine it'll come some time afterward in the form of a free expansion. If there is huge demand for it, we'll of course shift our focus.

Richard wrote:
We'll do what we can to support [modding] at some point. Like last time, we want to make sure the game is solid before we even think about expansions, mods, DLC, or anything of that nature. We really have to pace ourselves with just us 2 working on the game.

How will multiplayer work? What gameplay modes will there be?
The website says that in terms of multiplayer there will be:
spaz2.com wrote:
Multiplayer arena modes using persistent profile based part inventories.

Local split screen coop.

Additionally, when asked about online co-op, Richard replies:
Richard wrote:
Can't make any promises right now, but we might be able to do something similar to the local coop. You wouldn't be able to go off and fight different battles. With a randomize galaxy full of destructible physics objects, it's just an insane amount of data.

From the Qt3 podcast, I personally understood that in multiplayer, each player controls one of the modular motherships and tries to blow each other up. Local split-screen allows a second player to jump-in and jump-out, controlling one of the other (smaller) ships in the story mode. Online co-op would likely be similar, if implemented.

On the topic of multiplayer servers/hosts:
Richard wrote:
It will work a lot like Unreal Tournament. Someone will host, set the game type up, pick a bunch of options and mutators, and others will be able to drop in from there.

Author:  EvilNinja [ Thu 06 Feb, 2014 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

Neat summary. I'm sure new people will appreciate having it all here in one place! If they bother to check, of course... hmm, should this thread be stickied or something, maybe?

Author:  Richard [ Thu 06 Feb, 2014 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

Thanks for doing this. It's been stick'eried :)

Author:  alcimedes [ Tue 04 Mar, 2014 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

SPAZ 2 now has a post over at steam, but I can't link to it because I don't have enough of a post history.

store dot steampowered dot com/app/252470

Author:  Aimeryan [ Sat 15 Mar, 2014 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

Loving the look of SPAZ 2; from the 3D Ships (and combat, via banking and such), to the exploitable objects in space to use as weapons.

I would like to say that out of my friends I was the only one that got SPAZ 1. This is because my friends are heavily into playing things together (whether that is just two at a time, or whatever), as we are by nature quite social (if in a non-outdoorsy-type-way!). We don't live near each other though, so split-screen is not really an option. While we do occasionally like putting our wits against each other, we much prefer to play cooperatively.

I can't say whether the effort and time of online multiplayer co-op would pay of financially, but I can say it would be something me and my friends would very much enjoy.

On a more personal note, with the ships, I am very much into customisation - the deeper the better. There are a couple of games that come to mind that allow customisation of ships, from Kingdom Heart's Gummi Ships, to Endless Space's Faction Ships.

In terms of customisation, the more modules the SPAZ 2 ships can take the more customisable the ships will be. I guess you could compare this to pixels and resolution - the greater the resolution the more defined the image is. Similarly, the greater the variety in the modules the greater the customisation available. Lastly, the placement of the modules can also be key - if the modules can only be attached to certain pre-set areas then less customisation is available, although different ship configurations (like SPAZ 1 had) can make up for this.

Will the weapons have arcs of fire? Or purely line of sight (they have fully rotatable turrets)? If the weapons have arcs then I can imagine a situation similar to Endless Space's where more powerful weapons have smaller arcs, requiring more precise movement of the ship. This brings strategic choices into play about which weapons you choose and where you put them and how you approach combat (hit-and-run? broadside? etc).

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing more of SPAZ 2!

Author:  Ogre [ Wed 13 May, 2015 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

There has been a lot of talk regarding how a lot of the focus will be on the mothership parts. I recall reading that the parts will have random stats that will ultimately affect the way your ship works and how it is balanced. I was wondering if these ship parts will almost have what one could call different "rarities"? In SPAZ 1, the parts you assigned to your ship (once you had obtained the proper research level and blueprints) all had increasing tech levels: surplus - standard - military - prototype etc. (if I'm remembering those correctly.) Will these parts work similarly? Is it possible once we have reached the point where we may see the next level of tech, would we perhaps be able to spot a part on an enemy ship that looks more advanced and thus getting us excited about the chance of snagging it for ourselves? In short, will there be something similar to a loot system involved here?

Author:  Richard [ Wed 13 May, 2015 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

Yes, parts are randomized, and you will tend to drool over ones that larger ships have. Rarity works a bit differently. We do have rarity, but it varies from one starbase to the next. Each starbase produces "stuff" over time, based on its faction, tech connections, etc. So you might have a part that is pretty common in your sector, but you can make good money selling it to another starbase, where that part is pretty rare to them. The economy is pretty dynamic.

Author:  Ogre [ Sat 16 May, 2015 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

Ah, so I would assume that individual factions will probably have different focuses as to what the parts do perhaps? If so, I could see where if you're looking to get just the balance you're looking for on your mothership, discovering exactly which faction tends to focus on the traits you're looking for could be key. The economy sounds fun, It reminds me of Elite Dangerous sort of, like with selling mapping data you want to go far away from where it was obtained to increase it's value. This also makes me very hopeful that exploration will be far more rewarding than it was in the first. I can't wait for this! The first SPAZ was just a random purchase for me hoping to cure boredom for a bit. It ended up taking well over 100 hours of my time however and I'm hoping this one will suck me in even more.

Author:  Richard [ Sat 16 May, 2015 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SPAZ 2 - FAQ / Summary of info

The economy works pretty much as you described. You should be pleased with what we've done with the meta-game :)

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