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 Post subject: First playthrough feedback
PostPosted: Mon 09 Oct, 2017 9:51 am 

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Just a couple of small things (apologies if they've been suggested before):

1. I spent the first chunk of the end game frustrated that I couldn't order pilots around. What's the point of leading a faction, I thought, if my people just hang about their star bases getting rich and don't help me kill zombies? Then I understood that this wasn't supposed to be an RTS and you can't give orders. Then I understood that putting a bounty on a base or a captain WAS giving an order, it's just that you have a resource limitation on how many orders you can give. But I would have liked it if there had been a cut scene explaining this...

Carl: Why are we flying into zombie territory, can't we just order someone else to do it?
Elsa: We're the leader of a faction, not the generalissimo of a dictatorship. We can't just order people around.
Carl: What's the point then?
Elsa: We get tax?
Carl: Ok, can we use the tax to pay them to attack our enemies?
Elsa: Um... I guess?
Carl: Great, well, that's the same thing then. I would like to order up one star base destruction please. I'm happy to pay 10,000 scrap.

2. Once I figured this out, it was a massive pain flying back to my home base to collect my stockpile to be able to set bounties. Certain actions (buying parts at a starbase) should require you to have your scraps on you, fine, but others - setting a bounty in particular, perhaps building a new starbase - should be able to use scraps from the stockpile.

3. I thought I was going to have to defeat the whole zombie empire to win, and was trying to squeeze them off the map before I tried an assault on the zombie capital. This is because the whole game had been training me to expect any nearby enemies to join in an attack, and I didn't think I could beat whatever the capital did PLUS two fully powered zombie captains. But the zombies didn't seem to lose strength as they lost territory, and eventually there were just more and more strong zombie captains flying around a smaller number of provinces, which made it impossible to squeeze them further. So I tried the good old "strike deep into enemy territory"... and discovered it was a solo encounter! If there has been the slightest hint that that could possibly work I've have tried it much earlier. As it was, discovering I'd been playing wrong retrospectively multiplied the frustration at trying to beat the zombies strategically.

4. It would be really cool if we could design starbases we controlled in the same way we design our ship. The expansion level of the base controls the number of cores, the type of base the type of core, and you can only affix noses, not wings or engines (which you handle in the designer by rotating the base, so you continue to affix noses only to the "front" edges but you can rotate it so that any edge can become front). Limiting them to cores + noses only makes starbases have monstrous shields, and means you can choose an effective mix of weapons. Not having to worry about speed or manoeuvrability means the core synergy system might be more useful. Plus we then kit out their hangars in the same way as you do your own ship with strike craft that complement the base's weapons.

Otherwise, great job!

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