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 Post subject: Greedymod - small changes based on Fight for Universe mod
PostPosted: Thu 24 Jul, 2014 9:06 pm 

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I tried the FFU mod and liked it, but I hated both the massbombs being able to kill anything in sight (me and my entire fleet included) and the ship explosions often cascading wiping out everything.

So I wanted to change that to more tolerable levels; but in the process I got way too greedy (and wanted to finally complete the game on insane).

So - I wound up making lots of changes directly impacting gamebalance and finally was able to try out odd combinations of well, anything.

I don't expect many to use it, but since I made it and ironed out the bugs (I think) I could just as well post it here. I suggest only use this on insane and well, it makes everything ridiculously easy.

Changes from latest Fight for Universe (0.83) mod in random order:

  • Increased beacon hitpoints x10
  • Increased reactor output and capacity 50%
  • Customized all existing ships based on the BigFightForBeef mod (so all existing ships have missile and many more turret/utility slots) - but tech/weapons etc are only from FFU
  • Mothership changes:
    1. Lowered threat in all stages so enemies will go after your ships first. Only if all your ships are gone will they go for the mothership
    2. Updated health to highest possible
  • 8 ship capacity (can be tricky to select the top 2 ships - just let the mouse hover over A-B-C a sec or two and it will be selectable)
  • increased cargo on all ships x5
  • Rez / Data changes:
    1. Lowered massbomb damage by x5
    2. Increased data/rez pickup by 3x
    3. increased min. decay time for rez/data/research by 5min
  • Increased autocannon damage and range by ~25%
  • Reduced damage on ship/station explosions by 5x
  • Increased data on levelup from 3 -> 10 (This change is prob. the most disruptive - you'll be maxed in all categories like before level 70)
  • Increased goons on levelup by factor 3x (a single levelup in chapter 4 will give you enough goons to max out 2 or 3 stations @highest level)

I can't link directly to it (damn forum, so just remove the space between http and ://... below):
Download [~50MB]: http ://skarta.net/spazmod/greedymod.zip


 Post subject: Re: Greedymod - small changes based on Fight for Universe mo
PostPosted: Tue 27 Jan, 2015 5:11 pm 

Joined: Tue 27 Jan, 2015 5:08 pm
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Get a "smallLauncher" error. Is something missing from my version?

 Post subject: Re: Greedymod - small changes based on Fight for Universe mo
PostPosted: Sun 24 Jul, 2016 12:32 am 

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Yeah, I get, and it's really annoying.
parse error
Fatal-ISV: (..\..\source\T2D\t2dUtility.cc @ 184) Invalid Weapon! SmallLauncher_Civ 228184

 Post subject: Re: Greedymod - small changes based on Fight for Universe mo
PostPosted: Thu 18 Aug, 2016 8:33 pm 

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How did you change the ship explosion strength? I'd like to change that in the Fight for Universe mod without the rest of your changes.

Edit: I used Tortoise SVN to see what the differences between your files are. I just changed the size of the explosions instead. It should help with chain reactions a lot. Stations were the worst. Destroying it and immediately running away and still being caught by the explosion was stupid.


%ranges[$HULLTYPE_TINY] = 300;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_SMALL] = 400;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_MEDIUM] = 550;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_LARGE] = 750;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_HUGE] = 1000;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_MOTHERSHIP] = 2000;
%ranges[$HULLTYPE_STATION] = 1500;

change these values.

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