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 Post subject: My feedback on v0.9.1
PostPosted: Mon 24 Apr, 2017 1:53 pm 

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SnakeWildlife on steam, MANY hours played. Game tester for several MMO's and other stuff. All the info below is opinionative and can be wrong, be nice, dont judge.

1. Milky Way Sized Galaxy has a major population issue.
Not enough Neutral/Faction ships are around to populate the new larger galaxy, and because of how the math works with how many Bandits are generated based on map size, it ends up being that FAR too many pirates populate the galaxy and there are not enough Neutral/Faction ships around to thin them out. Even when bandits are set to low, they still overpopulate against Neutral/Faction ships 10/1. By the time i had created 10 bases, i only had 2 recruits and pirates were so thick that none of the bases could make an income, and when i attacked several bandit hives i became rich very easily (this cannot be intentional surely)
Suggestions: We need a huge increase in Neutral/Faction ships, as the galaxy seems empty of activity that doesnt involve bandits. Our CPU's can take it!

2. Strike Craft have become far too powerful making MOST games and MOST of your combat rating based on solely your Strike Craft, especially when the multiplier for how many you can carry is increased. For those who like a longer battle or large Warzone, it ends up in most fights that 85%+ of the damage done to enemy flagships is done by your strike craft. I as a player, feel very weak and like my weapons do very little damage, in comparison to my Strike Craft. After much testing, my most powerful attack seems to be to Ram my opponent rather than to fire any weapons.
Suggestion: I like having MORE strike craft and seeing the enemy bring more strike craft into the battle (larger battles are awesome and my framerate/cpu usage seems to be handling it great with this update), but they need to be heavily toned down in output. Most games were i am ever defeated is ALWAYS because of Strike Craft, and never the enemy vessel.

3. PULSER and MASS DRIVER weapons are far too overpowered. Huge range and huge damage, allowing you to kite any battle while taking little to no damage from enemy ships. (apart from strike craft, as mentioned above)
Suggestions: Either reduce range from 600 to 300, or reduce their damage. NOT BOTH.

4. Milky Way galaxy unusual node allocation.
Many sectors have very little Rz/Metal/Goon nodes, whilst some sectors have up to 5 nodes in a single sector, creating a huge imbalance in how resources are spread in the galaxy. In my games, most of the richest nodes seem to always be in the NorthEastern quarter of the map.

5. Cannon range of 250 with the low DPS, seems too underpowered. I tried over and over and couldnt really make a build where shotguns were always a better choice than the cannon.
Suggestion: Give Cannon's a range increase to make them more desireable over the shotgun, perhaps 350.

6. SRM (not Ion SRM, those are fine) seem to do very little damage to hulls or strike craft even though they are designed for that purpose.
Suggestion: Damage increase to SRM

7. The Shield Strength Multiplier option creates unbeatable ships because the % of shield they recover per second becomes too high, leading to situations where it's just you and an enemy base with no weapon platforms (basicly you have won the battle) but you are unable to bring the shield down with all your strike craft and ship weapons, because of how fast it is regenerating.
Fix: Shields should regenerate by a FLAT NUMBER and not a percentage. Percentage based healing or Recovery is something that creates God-Mode situations in many other games which i have playtested.
Here's an example i found in another game where i can tank 14 people in an MMO and dozens of NPC's all at the same time, because they created a heal which relies on a % and not a flat number:
youtube: watch?v=N6i-aHlu9w4
Short story is: NEVER USE % in any healing mechanics.
Suggestion: Our subcores should be providing a flat regenerative figure, and no percentages should be used for ANY enemy in the game, as it creates unbeatable shields in many instances. I do want to multiply how large shields, are but NOT how fast they recover, as this creates the problem mentioned.

8. Using ship boosters to get out of enemy range is too easy to accomplish. Enemy ships do not chase you aggressively enough either. This allows us to kite enemies with ease.
Suggestions: Make enemy ships more aggressive in the chase, or, severely slow down ship thrusters as right now it appears we are accelerating far too fast in combat.

9. A side effect of ship boosters being too rapid creates a bug where enemy ships whilst using boosters, have repeated moments where they freeze in place.

10. Maximum enemy strength does not go high enough in late game. At most i face opponents with mid 200 ratings whilst after playing for some time i am able to breach a score of 300, making me basicly unbeatable in most games. Especially if i have a Wingman, there's very little chance of losing.
Suggestion: Allow us in the custom-sliders to set a higher enemy ship maximum strength. For end-game challenge i would like to see enemy ships with a rating of 600+. That might sound high to you, but if you have a ship with a score of 350 and take a wingman with a score of 250 (total 600), you can clearly see how this steamrolls over the game with little to no challenge.

 Post subject: Re: My feedback on v0.9.1
PostPosted: Sun 06 Aug, 2017 4:12 am 
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Good indepth post. Pity you filed it in the wrong forum. Devs proly never even saw it, as this clearly meant for SPAZ 2 and not SPAZ 1.

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