Huge bug
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Author:  CodeKiller [ Thu 07 Dec, 2017 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Huge bug

Finally I managed to understand what is the problem with the mod FFU.
In fact the problem comes from the game itself, but the mod allows it to appear on demand.

Explanation : the game just does not allow Beacon to be infected and just crash.
That is all.

So basically, in the normal game this should never happen has the only weapon that allow "zombify" is the Zombi Colckwork and I guess there is no beacon to zombify on the last level of the game.

The problem is that in FFU a lot of zombie weapon can zombify, so it can crash at any time as soon as you encounter zombie.

To make this crash in normal game, just go to a (cleared) warp gate.
Clock your ship, go away from the beacon and spawn a zombie clockwork.

It should fire at least one time the mothership beam that zombify the target, then just wait and see the crash coming.

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